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About Us

We are Suntilaye Book Publishers, based in Addis Ababa. We believe that literature can ignite the imagination and guide the soul. We produce books as an art object with extra emphasis on quality design, quality content and extensive editing. We push the boundaries of what a book can be, champion the unconventional and believe in the meaningful above all.

We envision a collection of quality, attractive books affordable enough to be bought as easily and casually by anyone.

We, at Suntilaye, put integrity foremost. It's the people who work with us who carry our reputation and brands. We can partner with you on every aspect of developing and promoting your big idea, from expert branding to book creation, promotion to retail distribution. We have the capabilities to take your book idea through full project development & production all the way to book store shelves.

Our professional team works with you to create an exceptional book and design a custom-built strategy to ensure its success in the retail market.

We are in love with books and we work the hardest to inspire and nurture lifelong learning.


Editing & Copy Editing

Books edited & copy-edited passes through a certain degree of quality control. Our Editors & Copy Editors provide professional editorial expertise that will improve your books. Our editing services include Editorial Evaluation, Copy Editing, Substantive Editing, Proof Reading & Indexing.

Book Design

We offer a range of Design services including Cover Design, Interior Design, Trim size, Illustrations, Photographs, Font choice, Paper choice, Help in reworking the Title etc. We believe that the best-designed books are works of art.

Print & Distribution

Your book is a work of art that requires the ultimate care and quality during the printing phase. We are dedicated to the delivery of high-quality prints that satisfy the writer and pleases the readers’ eyes. As much as the quality of the book, the distribution channels and approach should be refined to deliver the maximum market impact. We would help you in achieving this.

Design & Printing Book Promotional Materials

We provide you with design and production of promotional materials for your book.

Author Website Design

An author website provides you with an online presence, lends a sense of legitimacy to your work, and is essential to the success of your book. A website provides you with the forum to display information about your book. Moreover, your website gives you another platform from which to sell and distribute your book.

ISBN & Copy Rights

We provide ISBN for the books published under our brand. If you want to publish your book by your own, we can facilitate the acquisition for one.

We would help you in filing Copy Rights where it is applicable.

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